1. BreakThru News, ep. 21: The Gaza Crisis

    By Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein

    It’s difficult to imagine a so-called ‘peace process’ in greater agony. The world is watching a humanitarian and political crisis play out in Gaza, as the Palestinian death toll exceeds 700, mostly civilian, and Israeli casualties are at 35, mostly military. This ratio alone is cause for horror, let alone the destruction of dozens of Gazan schools and mosques, plus several hospitals. Critics of Israel decry the brutality as a cruel and opportunistic way to debilitate the area, and in broader terms, a viable two-state solution. Supporters assert that Hamas’ deliberately uses ‘human shields' in order to vilify Israel—this week the UN Relief and Works Agency discovered a stockpile of rockets in a school. They also point out that the Palestinian opposition would be wreaking just as much damage in Israel, if not more, if only it could. Since the beginning of Israel's Operation Defensive Edge, Hamas fired over 250 rockets at Israel. Though many nations are temporarily banning flights into Israel after a rocket hit near Ben Gurion International Airport, the truth it that most fired miss populated areas, and all of those that threaten urban centers get rendered ineffectual by Israel’s Iron Dome system. Regardless of political motives, the glaring imbalance in casualties corresponds to the radical difference in military and technological prowess.

    Unfortunately, relief does not seem close at hand. Negotiations for a ceasefire, let alone the elusive two-state solution, are at a standstill. Israel condemns Hamas for rejecting offers of peace, while Hamas has declared its desire for a ceasefire but given strict conditions that Israel is unlikely to agree to. If this catastrophe demonstrates anything amidst the violent confusion and competing moral high grounds it is surely the desperate need for a lasting arrangement between the two parties. The recent status quo is far too volatile. For better or for worse, stability will have to be built upon a great deal of hatred.

    Video Credits
    Host, Writer - Charlotte Thun-Hohenstein
    Video Editor - Andy Morell
    Script Supervisor - Matthew DeMello

    with guest - John Knefel

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    You Bred Raptors? - BTR Live Studio [ep335]

    You Bred Raptors? have a lot working in their favor to make them stand out from most other bands. What’s so special? This Astoria, Queens trio (check #1: not from Brooklyn) plays instrumental music (check #2), wears an array of bizarre masks when they perform (check #3), and has made a name for themselves by holding down a coveted spot in the NYC subways with the Music Under New York Program (check #4). Oh, and their instrumentation is an 8 string bass, cello, drums, and glockenspiels (checks #5—8). The result of all these unique traits is beautiful, strange, and challenging music that makes people stop, look, and listen long enough to get hooked on their prehistoric pop grooves (oh yeah, and check #9: their name is from Jurassic Park).

    Featured song: “Yukon”

    Complete broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/1kW4FuF

    Grant, the new album from You Bred Raptors?, is expected out later this summer.

    Official website for You Bred Raptors?: http://youbredraptors.com/
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/YouBredRaptorsNYC
    Twitter: @youbredraptors


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  4. BTR News Update 7/24/14

    If You Could Delete One Word… - BTR Pulse [ep182]

    This week on BTR Pulse, Sarah Fraser asks people what one word they would, given the opportunity, like to remove from the common vocabulary and why.

    Featured song: “Shanghai Spy” by High Waisted

    Radio Dispatch: Limits of liberals

    We discuss an essay on Jacobin titled “Why I’m not a liberal,” and replay an interview with Amnesty International’s Donatella Rovera in Iraq.

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    Weird Al

    Donatella Rovera


    The Daily Beat


    It’s your daily news roundup courtesy of BTR!

    Today on the beat:


    Israel, Palestinians trade ‘war crimes’ accusations at U.N. debate


    Islamic State says carried out Baghdad suicide bombing

    Ukraine says pro-Russia rebels shoot down two fighter jets

    Third Eye Weekly


    On today’s show, we’re on the phone with Aaron Romano, attorney for the transgender teen in Connecticut, named “Jane Doe,” who has been juggled between abusive foster parents and both male and female prisons. We talk about what’s next for Jane and the responsibility that states owe to the trans community to provide proper social services for the young and disenfranchised.

    But first, Brian Fencil talks about the new meaning of “Kodak moment,” given the company’s fall from grace during the digital photography revolution, and how they should have seen it coming.

    This week’s spoken word segments feature the talents of Britteney Conner and William Evans.

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    On The Avenue

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    If You Could Delete One Word… - BTR Pulse [ep182]

    This week on BTR Pulse, Sarah Fraser asks people what one word they would, given the opportunity, like to remove from the common vocabulary and why.

    Featured song: “Shanghai Spy” by High Waisted


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