1. breakthruradiotv:

    Sun Club - BTR Live Studio [ep360]
    Sun Club is a Baltimore band that formed in 2012, blending their main influences of The Beach Boys and Animal Collective (though we hear other influences in there as well) into a sunny, frenetic, poppy good time. We get the sense that these guys are really fun and like to party. You should probably party with them, or at least go check them out on tour. Here they play some tunes and discuss the history of the band.

    Featured song: “Worm City”

    Complete broadcast and audio playlist: http://b-t-r.co/1EUs24k

    Dad Claps at the Mom Prom, the latest release from Sun Club, is now available from Goodnight Records.

    Sun Club on Bandcamp: http://sunclub.bandcamp.com/
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/sunclubband
    Twitter: @sunclubband


  2. The Hash on BTR

    The Hash 10.18.14

    This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane discuss California’s new law, which states only a “yes means yes.” Then, the pair talks about how a break-up can affect a person’s Twitter following. The show wraps with an analysis of NBC’s new series A to Z starring Mad Men's Ben Feldman and How I Met Your Mother's Cristin Milioti. For more on the California consent law, check out this piece in The Guardian.

    The Music

    Elliott BROOD

    (Official Work and Love album art.)

    Oct 22 - Q-Bus - Leiden, NL
    Oct 25 - SALA AZKENA - Bilbao, ESP
    Oct 27 - BOITE - Madrid, ESP

    Aloa Input

    (Official Anysome RMX album art.)

    Dec 10 - Hafen 2 - Offenbach, DE
    Dec 11 - Die Wohngemeinschaft - Cologne, DE
    Dec 12 - Glimps Festival - Gent, BE

    T. Nile

    (Official Tingle & Spark album art.)

    No upcoming tour dates.

  3. So now that CMJ Week is here, we’re going full-steam ahead with promoting our own BreakThru Radio CMJ Day Party!!

    FRIDAY OCTOBER 24th, 2014 @ Cake Shop 


    12pm Dinosaur Feathers (Brooklyn / Ernest Jenning) http://dinosaurfeathersmusic.blogspot.com/

    1pm Monomyth (Halifax / Mint) http://mmyth.bandcamp.com/

    2pm DOTT (Ireland / Graveface) http://www.graveface.com/dott.html

    3pm Flowers (London / Kanine) http://kaninerecords.com/flowers/

    4pm White Reaper (Lousiville, KY / Polyvinyl) http://whitereaperusa.com/

    5pm Literature (Philadelphia / Slumberland) http://literatureband.tumblr.com/

    6pm Popstrangers (London / Carpark) http://www.popstrangers.com/

    21+, FREE

    Cake Shop 
    152 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002
    (212) 253-0036


  4. The Guardian put out this excellent list featuring some of the bands WE’VE featured before including Beach Slang



    Radical Dads

    Fort Lean

    New Myths


    and Potty Mouth!


  5. Twenty-Something Traveler on BTR

    Looking for a way to get out while you’re stuck in your office? Hit up our best travel podcast, Twenty-Something Traveler!

    DJ Jess

    Welcome to the Twenty-Something Traveler - the new travel podcast only on BTR! Hosted by DJ Jess, this podcast is entirely dedicated to helping twenty-somethings get out and travel. An array of guests from around the globe will teach you how to do it for cheap — including info on couchsurfing, work study, AirBnB, hitchhiking, walking, road trips, and all manner of ways to see the world you haven’t considered. Plus each week we’ll ask a local living in a popular destination to curate their best 24-hours there so you’ll get the most authentic experience possible from the minute you arrive!

    This week’s topic is How To Make Friends When Traveling! It’s hard sometimes to be brave and talk to people, but guess what?? There are some great apps that can help! Tune in to hear what they are, plus my top tips for meeting people sans technology! This week’s special guest is —

    Dan Fennessey — Founder of the app Party With a Local. Find Party With a Local at —



    Then we’ll get some local eyes on the scene in Barcelona, Spain, with twenty-something local Roger! Roger heads up the blog youlovebcn.com and offers personal guided tours through his home city. Tune in for his best 24 hours!

    (Courtesy of Moyan Brenn)

    (Courtesy of Moyan Brenn)

    (Courtesy of Moyan Brenn)

    (Courtesy of Moyan Brenn)


  6. So 2014 is the first year since ‘76 without a Platinum record…how do y’all feel about that?


  8. BTR PROGRAM GUIDE | October 20 - 26, 2014

    ANTI-SOCIAL WEEK: Is technology actually bringing us together or keeping us apart? Baby Boomers would like to think those darn Millennials are becoming self-obsessed nincompoops with their smart phones and selfies, but what does science have to say? Tune into BreakThru Radio this week as we explore how improv classes can help those who suffer from social anxiety, why social media may not be the end of civilization as we know it. Only on Anti-Social Week, only on BreakThru Radio.


    Monday, October 20

    6am: BTR DJ Wynn 

    6am: Glitch IDM

    6am: Discovery Corner on BTR

    6am: Jam Session

    10am: BTR Top 10 

    12pm: In the Den

    12pm: Radio Dispatch

    12pm: The Big Takeover

    12pm: Twentysomething Traveler

    12pm: Xtreme Endurance 

    7pm: The Daily Beat

    Tuesday, October 21

    6am: DJ Emily BTR

    6am: Hip Hop Show 

    6am: Via Berlin

    12pm: Art Uncovered

    12pm: BTR Live Studio 

    12pm: Radio Dispatch

    12pm: Seal of Approval

    12pm: Xtreme Endurance 

    7pm: The Daily Beat

    Wednesday, October 22

    6am: DJ RePete BTR 

    6am: Worldwide Hour 

    6am: Planet Beet

    12pm: God Bless Weirdmerica

    12pm: In the Den

    12pm: Overnight Sensation 

    12pm: Radio Dispatch

    7pm: The Daily Beat

    12am: The Night Show

    Thursday, October 23

    6am: DJ Lottie BTR 

    6am: Reggae Hour

    12pm: Afro Beat

    12pm: Biology of the Blog

    12pm: On the Avenue

    12pm: Radio Dispatch

    12pm: Third Eye Weekly

    7pm: The Daily Beat

    9pm: Dapper Fitting Drinking Hour

    Friday, October 24

    6am: The Synapse 

    12pm: Latin Hip Hop

    12pm: BTR Live Studio

    12pm: Radio Dispatch

    12pm: Sew & Tell

    12pm: She’s Black, He’s Jewish, They’re Married, Oy Vey!

    12pm: The Rock Show 

    7pm: The Daily Beat

    9pm: Revolver 

    Saturday, October 25

    6am: DJ Madalyn BTR

    12pm: Book Talk

    12pm: Caribbean Fever

    12pm: Live at Old School Studios

    12pm: The Music Digest

    12pm: The Folk Wave

    12pm: Scotch and Cinema

    12pm: The Hash on BTR

    9pm: The Party Hour

    Sunday, October 26

    6am: DJ Drew BTR 

    6am: Alt Country 

    6am: Eatopia

    6am: World Hip Hop

    6am: Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour

    12pm: Bhangra and Beyond

    12pm: Latin Worldwide

    12pm: BTR Sports

    12pm: The Electric Ride


    Monday 10/20 - Prince Ea

    Tuesday 10/21 - Me Time Interview

    Wednesday 10/22 - Omega-3 Interview

    Thursday 10/23 - Matthew Frost

    Friday 10/24 - Improv Helping Anxiety

    Saturday 10/25 - Flying Solo

    Sunday 10/26 - Opinion: Pro Social Media


    Monday 10/20 - ST008

    Casey James Salengo - Spit Take Comedy [ep8]
    Tuesday 10/21 - LS360
    Sun Club - BTR Live Studio [ep360]
    Wednesday 10/22 - LS360.5 
    Joanna Gruesome - BTR Live Studio [ep360.5]
    Thursday 10/23 - P195
    Topic of the Week - BTR Pulse [ep195]

    Friday 10/24 - LS361
    Roz And The Rice Cakes - BTR Live Studio [ep361]
  9. breakthruradiotv:

    On this episode of Spit Take Comedy George gets bodyslammed by the hilarity of Casey James Salengo as they discuss dad kisses and wrestling lingo. Casey, a comedian and co-host of the wrestling podcast The Heavenly Bodcast, shows us he’s truly earned the right to use three names — or maybe even four?

    Official website for Spit Take Comedy: http://spittakecomedy.com

    Facebook: http://facebook.com/spittakecomedy

    George Flanagan on Twitter: @georgejezel

    Casey James Salengo on Twitter: @CaseyJSalengo


  10. BTR Found Sound Week of 10/13-10/17

    BTR Found Sound

    Monday 10/13

    Casino Hearts- Dreams Will Come True Demo

    Tuesday 10/14

    Vexx- Black/White

    Wednesday 10/15


    Thursday 10/16

    Joel Jerome- Grrrl

    Friday 10/17

    Songs: Ohia Collection